Rustam Minnikhanov meets the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry of Qatar


On 19 May, speaking at his meeting with the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry of Qatar Sultan Bin Rashid Al-Hater on the sidelines of the ХIV International Economic Forum “Russia-Islamic World: KazanForum 2023”, the Rais (Head) of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov congratulated the delegation from the country with the perfect organization of the 2022 Soccer World Cup. 

He emphasized that relations between Russia and Qatar are moving forward. “Qatar is an important and a reliable partner of Russia in the Middle East and the cooperation in trade-economic, cultural-humanitarian and scientific-technical spheres is developing” he said and stated that at its level Tatarstan is trying to facilitate the strengthening of these relations. However, the amount of bilateral trade turnover does not match the existing potential and the Rais of the republic proposed to consider possible procurements of products and develop a dialogue between business communities.  

Rustam Minnikhanov also said that such spheres as Islamic banking, development of Halal industry, Islamic education and culture and tourism are promising spheres for cooperation. 

In his turn Sultan Bin Rashid Al-Hater thanked the administration of Tatarstan for a warm welcome and the invitation to take part in the KazanForum. “It was a very successful visit for us. We see good possibilities for our interaction and have come here personally to get acquainted with your republic. We are ready to take our cooperation to the new level,” he said. 

The guest also marked the potential cooperation in the Halal sphere by saying: “Today there is an interest to Halal industry at all continents and your Halal products are of the world level. We should develop our relations in this sphere.”

The Press Office of the Rais of Tatarstan, Bulat Nizameev.