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Geographical Location

Tatarstan is situated in the Eastern part of the East European Plain at the confluence of two biggest rivers – the Volga and the Kama. Kazan is located 797 km far from Moscow.

The total area of the republic is 6783,7 thousand hectares. It spreads from North to South at 290 km and from West to East at 460 km from. Tatarstan has no borders with foreign states.

Tatarstan territory is a high stepped plain divided by dense network of river valleys. The plain is divided in three parts: the Pre-Volga, Pre-Kama and Trans-Kama areas.

The Pre-Volga region with maximum altitudes of 276 m occupies the northeastern part of the Volga Highland. The border lines of Mozhga and Sarapul highlands divided by Izh River Valley touch Eastern Pre-Kama region in the North. Maximum altitudes reach 243 m. Bugulma Highland located in Eastern Trans-Kama region is the highest in Tatarstan (381 m). The lowest relief is characteristic of the Western Trans-Kama region (up to 200 m).

17 per cent of the republic territory is covered with forests consisting of broad-leaved trees (oak, lime, birch, aspen). Pine wood is presented by pine and fir tree. 433 species of vertebrates and several thousand species of invertebrates inhabit Tatarstan territory.

The climate is moderate-continental with warm summer and cold-temperate winter. The warmest month is July with the average monthly temperature 18 – 20 °С, the coldest is January with the average monthly temperature -13 °С. Duration of warm period (with stable temperature above 0 °С) varies within 198-209 days, cold period - 156-167 days. Fallouts are spread rather regularly, the yearly amount makes 460 – 540 mm.

The soil varies from grey forest podsol in the Northern and Western parts to different kinds of black earth soil in the Southern part of the republic.

The Volga-Kama State Natural Biosphere Reserve and the National Park “Nizhnyaya Kama” are located on Tatarstan territory. The Volga-Kama State Natural Biosphere Reserve is located in Zelenodolsk and Laishevo municipal regions of the Republic of Tatarstan. Two detached areas of the reserve, Saralovsky (4170 hectares) and Raifa (5921 hectares), are located at a distance of about 100 km. The National Park “Nizhnyaya Kama” is located on the territory of Elabuga and Tukai municipal regions. There are several land and water tourist routes down the woodlands, and water routes down the water-storage basin, down the Kama and Kriusha rivers.