Rustam Minnikhanov takes part in the events of the Gaidar Forum in Moscow


On January 13, in Moscow, on the sidelines of the Gaidar Forum 2022, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov took part in the session “How to develop fiscal federalism?”

Minnikhanov emphasized that it is the pressing issue, and, taking into account that everyone has different tasks, it is difficult to reach a common understanding.

“It is necessary to find overall compromises. We debate, but we hear each other. In recent years, the work with infrastructure programmes and national projects is underway. This significantly improves the quality of life in the regions. At the same time, it would be right to guarantee that nothing will change in budget policy in 5-7 years, this would enable the regions to strengthen their base», Minnikhanov emphasized. The President also drew attention to the personal responsibility of the heads of the regions to the importance of job creation in the territories.

Tatarstan President's Press Office, Elena Britvina.

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