Rustam Minnikhanov gets acquainted with the improvement of the yard on Stolyarova street in Kazan


On June 16, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov got acquainted with the improvement of the yard on 6 Stolyarova street in Kazan.

Minnikhanov was informed that the improvement of the yard space was completed in 2019. The yards on 9 and 11 Klara Zetkin street and on 6 Stolyarova street were improved as part of an integrated approach to the development of urban areas.

The renovation of the yard territory was carried out as part of a single concept “Yard is the territory of good-neighborly relations”. During the reconstruction, the layout of the yard was preserved as much as possible, with the emphasis put on its advantages. In particular, green spaces were preserved, passages were repaired with the same dimensions without excessive expansion of the traffic areas, a pedestrian carcass was created providing transit connections through the yard to shopping facilities on an external street, and exits to the recreation area from all house entrances.

During the inspection of the yard, Tatarstan President talked to its local residents.

Aide to Tatarstan President Natalia Fishman-Bekmambetova and Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin accompanied Minnikhanov.

Tatarstan President's Press Office, Elena Britvina

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