Since June 5, as many as 65 territorial election commissions working in Tatarstan under the Mobile Voter programme


On June 16, speaking at a briefing at the Cabinet of Ministers of Tatarstan, Head of Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Tatarstan Andrey Kondratyev said that despite the development of coronavirus infection, Tatarstan managed to completely preserve the electoral system.

“I must say that in the current difficult epidemiological situation, with the support of the leadership of the republic and Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, we managed to maintain the electoral system during this difficult period,” the speaker noted.

He added that since June 5, as many as 65 territorial election commissions have been working in the republic and accepting applications under the Mobile Voter programme.

The all-Russian vote on the adoption of amendments to the Constitution of the country will be held on July 1.

CEC of Tatarstan advised citizens of the republic do not take their children to the voting station.

According to Kondratyev, due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus, the upcoming voting will be non-contact. The task of the CEC is to minimize contacts between the voting participants.

There will be no buffets at the stations and the voting process will proceed without delay. A voter needs only a passport. A mask, gloves, antiseptic and a pen can be obtained locally. Public observers will follow all stages of the vote on the adoption of amendments to the Constitution. Kondratyev said that one of the important tasks is to ensure the secrecy of voting and the safety of bulletins. Public observers will help election commission in that.

According to him, over 10,000 people in the republic have already registered and applied to the Public Chamber of Tatarstan as observers for the upcoming voting. 

Tatarstan President's Press Office. Using materials of IA Tatar-Inform.

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