Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin congratulates financiers on their professional holiday


“On my own behalf and on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan I congratulate all financial officers and old stagers of the financial industry on the professional holiday – the Day of Financiers.

In modern conditions, the financial system plays a crucial role in society. The stable development of all sectors of the economy, the implementation of socially important projects, and the improvement of the living standards of citizens depend on its effective functioning.

Today, competent financial management is not only the accumulation of funds, but, first of all, their reasonable allocation aimed at the common good. This most important task requires the highest professionalism, scrupulous honesty and fairness from you, financiers.

I am sure that these are the qualities that will continue to distinguish the financiers of our republic and will provide a significant contribution to the further improvement of the quality of life of the population.

Thank you for your efforts and conscientious attitude to work. Let rich experience, high professionalism, responsible approach, honesty, fairness, impartiality and accuracy accompany you in your work. I wish you and your families good mood, good health, happiness, prosperity and good luck.

Happy holiday! Happy Financier Day! ”

Tatarstan President's Press Office

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