Rustam Minnikhanov hands in state awards of Russia and Tatarstan in the Kazan Kremlin


On June 12, in the Kremlin, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov handed in state awards of Russia and Tatarstan to the most distinguished residents of the republic.

A total of 48 people, including veterans of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, a resident of blockaded Leningrad, representatives of the KAMAZ-master team, doctors, oil workers, representatives of motor transport enterprises, cultural organizations, higher educational institutions and others were awarded.

Minnikhanov called symbolic the fact that state awards are awarded on the 12th of June, on the Russia Day. According to him, those who were present at the ceremony today, have made a significant contribution to the dynamic development of the country and the region. He thanked everyone for their contribution to the social and economic development of Tatarstan. He also addressed veterans of war and labour, whose life is an example of true and selfless service to the Motherland.

"Our country is developing successfully. The presidential decree of the 7th of May this year outlines a long-term and ambitious strategy that is supported by the majority of Russian people. Tatarstan has repeatedly proved that it is a supporting region of Russia, which is making a worthy contribution to its victories. Large-scale projects are implemented in Tatarstan, houses, social and cultural facilities are built, and great attention is paid to the development of human capital assets. The life of the Tatarstan people is becoming more comfortable,” Minnikhanov said.

Tatarstan President's Press Office, Elena Britvina

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