Vladimir Putin presents the gold medal of the Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation to Mintimer Shaimiev


On April 28, in a ceremony in the Moscow Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented gold medals of the Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation to five Russian citizens for their outstanding achievements in state and public work, among whom is the First President of the Republic of Tatarstan, State Counsellor of the republic, Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Revival Regional Foundation Mintimer Shaimiev.

“Mintimer Shaimiyev’s name is inseparable from the development and consolidation of Russia’s statehood. He made a major personal contribution to ensuring that Russia perseveres at a sharp turning point in history, preserves its sovereignty and unity of its multi-ethnic population to become a powerful nation open to the outside world. Shaimiyev has also made an invaluable contribution to developing Tatarstan, one of the most successful and vibrant regions in Russia, as well as preserving Russia’s cultural heritage, and reviving spiritual historical centres like Sviyazhsk and Bolgar.” Putin said about Shaimiev.

Speaking at the event, Shaimiev expressed his gratitude to the Head of the state and noted: "We are receiving a lot of congratulations coming from the bottom of the heart from all parts of our country and outside it. This obliges us to do a lot. We had to work hard during fateful years of the formation of a new Russian statehood. Today, on behalf of Tatarstan citizens and personally, paying a tribute to his memory, I would like to express my great gratitude to Boris Yeltsin and members of the Government of the Russian Federation, to all those who solved difficult tasks at that time.Then, we were working with you, Mister Putin, for many years. During the years of the formation of a new Russia, many of our actions and proposals were new, perhaps even inadequate for those times. Therefore, I would like to especially thank you for your patience and supporting our endeavours. In the long run, the life shows that we were on the right way. "

Tatarstan President's Press Office

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