Address of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov on the occasion of the Constitution Day of the Republic of Tatarstan


Dear citizens of Tatarstan!

From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on the Constitution Day of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Our republic was one of the first enitites of the Russian Federation to update its constitutional statutes at the break of epochs when the process of changes in the economic system and the political system of our society had just begun.

It is all the more significant that the basic principles of the constitutional structure of Tatarstan have stood the test of times, have become the subject of study by legal specialists, an example for other regions of our country.

The adoption of the Constitution of Tatarstan was an important milestone in the modern political history of the republic, laid the legal groundwork for its development and growth of the authority on the national scale.

It is extremely important that the main provisions of our Constitution are compliant with the spirit and letter of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the twenty-fifth anniversary of which we will soon celebrate. The unified legal system is one of the most important factors of the unity and power of our country.

The Constitution of Tatarstan played a special role in the formation of a new system of social relations based on constructive interethnic and interfaith cooperation, preservation of historical and cultural heritage, successful development of civil society, the formation of the legal identity of people.

Based on the Basic Law of the Republic, we successfully develop the modern economy and social sphere, confidently occupying the position of one of the leading regions of our country. This allows us to ensure high standards of living, including the growth of incomes of the population, high-quality education and medical care, affordability of housing and cultural and sports facilities, the formation of comfortable environment and the development of spirituality.

By guaranteeing rights and freedoms, the Basic Law of our republic lays the groundwork for the successful self-realization of every Tatarstan citizen, the development and prosperity of our Fatherland.

Dear friends!

I wish you good health, happiness, well-being and confidence in the future.

Happy holiday! Happy Constitution Day of Tatarstan!

Tatarstan President's Press Office

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