Rustam Minnikhanov visits children's polyclinic №2 after major repair in Kazan


On March 12, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov visited children's municipal polyclinic №2 opened after a large-scale repair. The polyclinic provides medical services to children under the age of 17, living in Vakhitovsky and Sovetsky districts of Kazan, also children of 28 kindergartens and students of 20 schools.

Tatarstan President saw the reception and the children's play area in the renovated building, went up to the second floor to the pediatrics department, where he was shown how the pediatrician's office is equipped and how the reception of small patients is organized. Minnikhanov also visited the rehabilitation department, the physiotherapy room and room of therapeutic exercises, the massage room, inspected the new equipment. Especially, Tatarstan President was interested in the conditions of patients’ stay at the children's polyclinic.

Children's municipal polyclinic №2 on Schmidt Street was commissioned in Kazan, on June, 2001. Since that time, a major overhaul has been made for the first time. The total area of the building is 7,810 square meters. About 32,500 people receive medical services here.

Chief pediatrician of Kazan Gulsina Khuzieva said that healthy patients enter one door, and those who come on regular medical check-up - to another door of a medical institution. This helps to reduce the level of cross-infection. Khuzieva considers this polyclinic in the centre of the city as exemplary one.

There are 16 local pediatric teams. On average, 1068 children are treated at one pediatric site, which exceeds the standard by 33.5 per cent. As many as 22 types of specialists receive patients. Speech language therapist and medical psychologist hold advisory reception here. There is a day hospital for ten beds and one hospital bed at home.

Extensive work in the field of renovation of health care institutions has been carried out: over 2260 medical facilities have been overhauled and equipped in Tatarstan in the last six years. Modernization of health-care facilities has been declared a priority issue at the federal level.

Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that more funds from the federal budget are allocated for the health sector in 2018 as compared to the previous years. Particular attention is being paid to children’s health care.

According to the instructions of the Head of State, the budget will annually allocate ten billion roubles to the regions of the Russian Federation for the reconstruction and equipping of children's polyclinics in the next three years.

Tatarstan President’s Press Office. Using materials of IA “Tatar Inform”

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