Marat Akhmetov: The gross agricultural product is expected to make 260 billion roubles in Tatarstan, with the highest grain harvest over the last seven years


On December 30, speaking at a regional video-conference held by Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin, Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan, Minister of Agriculture and Food of the republic Marat Akhmetov reported that Tatarstan is in the top three regions in the production of agricultural products.

Akhmetov summed up the results of the year the republic achieved in the agricultural industry. “Over the last years, the sustainable development in agricultural production has been achieved due to consistent systemic support of villagers by the regional government, development of resource-saving technologies and innovations. We have the highest economic growth rate of 5.1 per cent in comparable prices this year,” he said.

The gross agricultural product in all categories of farms is expected to make 260 billion roubles. Tatarstan farmers had the highest grain harvest to reach 5.2 million tonnes with a yield of 34.2 centners per hectare over the last seven years.

For the first time in 60 years of beet sowing more than three million tonnes of roots with a yield of 409 centners per hectare have been harvested in the republic.

A good livestock fodder base amounting to 2.7 million tonnes has been stored up, the minister went on to report.

In total, the gross harvest in crop production amounted to 8.3 mln tonnes with an average yield of 27.7 centners per hectare in the republic. This is also the highest result for the last 10 years.

As for agricultural production, it was noted during the meeting that as many as 1,825,000 tonnes of milk were produced in 2017, including 1,268,000 tonnes produced by farmers and agricultural enterprises.

A total of 515,000 tonnes of livestock and poultry were raised, showing an increase of 101.9 per cent, including 379,000 tonnes raised by farms.

As many as 494,000 tonnes of cattle and poultry for slaughter were sold, which increased by 101.6 per cent, including 363,000 tonnes sold by agricultural enterprises.

The four-year regional programme on capital repair of livestock facilities contributed to achieving these results.

Besides, as many as ten new milk complexes for 12,700 cattle heads were built in Mamadyshsky, Atninsky, Kukmorsky, Arsky, Alekseevsky, Almetevsky, Leninogorsky regions.

“Due to the programmes of technical modernization we could purchase over 2,000 items of agricultural machineries amounting to more than five billion roubles under the regional programme with 40 per cent subsidy assistance and federal lease with Rosagroleasing company,” Akhmetov said.

Kazan keeps leading positions in affordability of most types of food products among cities of Volga Federal District with over one million citizens, the minister said.

Akhmetov also reported that taking into account numerous requests of citizens, agricultural fairs will be organized since February in the forthcoming year.

Tatarstan President's Press Office, Elena Britvina

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