Mintimer Shaimiev meets Nakiya Gilyazova


On October 3, State Counsellor of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev met Nakiya Gilyazova, the wife of People’s writer of the Republic of Tatarstan Ayaz Gilyazov.

The reason for their meeting was the publication of the novel written by Ayaz Gilyazov “Iegez, ber doga!” (“Let’s pray!”) that was translated into Russian by Nail Ishmukhametov. The translation was done with the assistance of Mintimer Shaimiev, who is the author of introduction to the book.

Nakiya Ilgamovna thanked Mintimer Shaimiev and leadership of the republic for constant attention and support of Ayaz Gilyazov’s creative work. She handed over the first example of the book and the 6th volume of the selected works of Ayaz Gilyazov that was published by the grant of the Tatarstan Government. She also informed that the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin supported the proposal of the Union of writers about holding the annual “Gilyazov fest” in Kazan.

Nakiya khanum invited Mintimer Shaimiev to the presentation of the book “Let’s pray!” at the Institute of international relations, history and oriental studies of the Kazan Federal University on October 20.

Tatarstan President's press office

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